5 Most Used Windows Applications and Their Mac Alternatives

windows applications

Everybody knows that a big part of the market already belongs to Windows. Moreover, if you’re one of the users who have switched from Windows to Mac, you might find yourself disappointed in the scarcity of the alternatives the Apple OS has as compared to the Windows offer. However, there are some alternatives if you’re looking thoroughly.

  • Mac Notepad

    Notepad is a really good tool that allows you to take notes, write down a though or quickly scribble anything you need. The alternative on Mac is named TextEdit, and it also brings the basic features for editing text. It is better than Notepad in the sense that you can switch between formatted and plain text, while the Windows app only lets you write plain text.

  • Mac Command Prompt

    If you’re one of the fans of the command line interface, more than the graphical user interface, Command Prompt was one of your favorites on Windows, perhaps. Thankfully, there is an alternative for Mac too, called Terminal, where you can use commands. The commands here are UNIX based, which means they differ from the Command Prompt MS DOS commands back on Windows, but they offer pretty much the same functionality.

  • Mac Sticky Notes

    The alternative to this useful tool on Mac is called Stickies. You can place them on the desktop and write notes on them. Though you still have a separate app for reminders on Mac, Stickies are also useful in this purpose. Moreover, you can use them for jotting down ideas or save articles and links you want to read later on.

  • Mac Office

    There is also an alternative for the Microsoft Office pack called iWork. Even though there are Mac counterparts of all the individual apps in Office (Word – processing words, PowerPoint – slideshows and Excel – spreadsheets), Apple also took their own version of the Suite, called iWork. It is made of Pages (which would equal Word), Numbers (Excel) and Keynote (PowerPoint).

  • Mac Messenger

    In the Windows Live Essentials package you will find a communication app named Messenger. Basically it’s just a messaging app that looks a lot like the Facebook Messenger app and Google Hangouts. Apple offers you its own chat client on their OS X, known as iMessage. Now this service has been renamed as Messages, and you can find it like this both on the iOS and Mac devices.

Of course, it’s great that there are alternatives to the regular programs on Windows, but some people declared themselves dissatisfied with the differences they encountered. Even so, it is good that you can still keep some of your old ways of using programs and apps even after you switched to Mac.

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