7 Reasons to Use a VPN


Many people don’t actually know what a VPN is, though they might even be using it. A Virtual Private Network (because that’s what the letters stand for), represents a group of computers that are networked together over the internet. In case you’re wondering why would you want to do that, think about the fact that businesses use VPNs in order to connect their various datacenters, while individuals use them in order to access some network resources even though they are not found on the same local area network (LAN). They can also be used if you want to secure and encrypt communications while using a public network which is not trusted.

However, people are still confused as to why should they choose to use a VPN, but also how to choose the best one for them.

  • Protocol

    When using a VPN, you should always look for a SSL one. Samara Lynn, who works as a lead analyst at PCMag, says that this is the best option. You should totally go for a SSL VPN since this type is the most popular one. If you’re an individual user, you perhaps aren’t that concerned with these details, but for business it’s important to pay attention.

  • Logging

    One advantage of using a VPN is the fact that it helps you secure your online connection. However, other systems found on the same VPN may still gain access to your content.

  • Corporate + exit locations

    VPNs are useful if you want to ignore the location where you’re at. For example, if you need to watch some live TV in the UK, you can use a VPN service provider with servers there.

  • Antimalware and antispyware

    VPN providers are a great solution if you want to make sure you are not downloading any trojans or viruses. And since you can never be too protected online, it’s a good idea to use a VPN. However, continue to pay attention to HTTPS secure connections.

  • Price

    There are indeed lots of free VPN providers, but most of them regularly access some of your info in order to provide better ads, and are generally not too careful with your privacy. If you pay for the service, the provider will be more careful with your safety online, so this is another reason to go for a paid VPN.

  • Mobile Apps

    Whether you use a free or a paid VPN, it’s great that this service lets you have a coherent experience over all the devices you use. Most providers offer solutions both for desktop and mobile, so you should be covered.

  • Downloading

    Many people are using apps such as BitTorrent, and it seems that the only solution not to get a blacklist of some company is to use a VPN service, since they protect your privacy more than other types of networks.

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