Best 6 Free Cloud Storage Services with More Space


Nowadays there’s an enormous amount of content generated by most of us, starting with, say, all of the many pictures that an individual takes of himself/herself and their loved ones and ending with the huge amounts of data created and kept by major companies. And all of them need a storage space. As we all know, our devices are quite limited in terms of storage space, but the cloud isn’t. Not to mention that devices can break or get stolen, thus making it impossible to retrieve any info on them which also makes it even more important to back up date in a different place.

Sure, you could think that there are no cloud storage services for free, but, as it turns out, there are many such services that require no payment from you to store your data. At least, not for now. At most, they require you to send an invite to your friends, so that they could use them as well. Here are five of these free cloud storage options.

  • Dropbox

    You’ve surely have heard about this free cloud storage service, especially if you’re using Yahoo mail. Dropbox enables users to store up to 2 GB of data for free, but this storage space can grow up to 18 GB. Moreover, the service enables you to share those files with anybody, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account and it also allows you to edit any Microsoft Office file stored within it by using Microsoft Office Online.

  • pCloud

    At first, pCloud only offers 10 GB of storage space, but this amount can grow to 20 GB through friend referrals. It’s available as a desktop client for most of the major operating systems and as an app for iOS and Android based devices. It can be used to add anything from single files, to entire folders to files from a remote URL and the mobile app will upload any content you create via your smartphone to the cloud. It too, enables users to share files with contacts who don’t have a pCloud account.

  • Mega

    Mega is the more impressive of the bunch, because it offers a lot of free storage space (about 50 GB) and it also offers end-to-end encryption that will keep your data as private as it can get. If you may recall, the same security system is in place in WhatsApp conversations, so no one but the two parties involved in the conversations can see them.

  • Google Drive

    If you have a Gmail account then you know all about the many perks and options offered by Google’s cloud storage services. The only problem is that the storage is limited to 15 GB per user. Other than that, it’s very useful as it can enable people to edit their Microsoft Office files within it.

  • OneDrive

    One Drive was formerly known as SkyDrive and it also offers many editing options for its users files. It too enables users to share their data with non-users but the only real inconvenience that it has is that it only allows its users to upload 5 GB of data.

  • Box

    Box is a file sharing service addressed to business and beyond. You can subscribe as an individual user, receiving 10GB of free storage space and a limited set of features, with support for synchronizing files between mobile devices. If for the free version Box imposes a limit of 250MB for individual file size, choosing one of the Starter, Business and Enterprise packages raises this limit to 2GB and 5GB per file.

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