Best 7 Mobile Apps Development Tools

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Recently, mobile programming tools that involve low or no code have become popular among developers and business users, especially since they represent a fast way to gain success with mobile apps. There is also a current debate varying between several mobile dev camps, such as CSS3/JavaScript or HTML5, but besides that there is also the rising interest for mobile apps. Let’s see the best 7 mobile apps development tools available on the market!

  1. Alpha Anywhere

    This is a development tool oriented towards speed and databases. It’s awesome for creating hybrid and Web mobile apps that can still work when you’re offline. It lets you build good apps in no time at a great performance and a look and feel that is very nativelike.

  2. EachScape

    This is in fact a cloud-based, unified, drag-and-drop editor designed for native Android and iOS apps, but also HTML5 Web apps. It might look like a strange combination, but apparently this is really useful for developers. Moreover, it comes together with back-end services for any app that you build with this platform.


    This is a Web-based platform that helps you create mobile and Web forms, combined with a forms builder that works with drag-and-drop and some flexible back-end technology. With this, you can create new forms or copy the existing ones, embed logical transitions, capture digital signatures and many more.

  4. iBuildApp

    With a self-explanatory name, this Web builder helps you personalize templates for Android apps and iPhone or iPad. Moreover, it promises to let you create an app in only five minutes, which is pretty attractive. For common apps, it is really useful and has great results, but only as long as you select the right widgets.

  5. QuickBase

    This is an online platform and builder for Web database apps. It offers limited support for any integration besides their own database, which might be a minus. However, it offers 800 templates for custom apps, and even a Complete Project Manager. You can also build some QuickBase apps from scratch if you start from a data design.

  6. Salesforce1 and Lightning

    Regardless of your skill level as a Salesforce developer, you can still find lots of good options for building several mobile apps on their website. If you’re a beginner, you can create some compact layouts and field- or global-specific actions for the mobile app. At the same time, with the help of Salesforce Mobile SDKs help you access specific Salesforce data from both hybrid and native apps.

  7. ViziApps

    This is a combination between an online visual designer and several personalizable sample apps based on code generation for Android and iOS native apps and mobile Web. Moreover, it can support many customizations and extensions for JavaScript, together with more than 50 data sources. Template apps let you see how they use data interfaces, actions and fields. It has a free trial for testing and builds.

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