Best Cheap Smartwatches for Android Users


If you want to get yourself a smartwatch, but you can’t splurge and have to keep your eye on the budget, rest assured that you will have a plethora of choices! We get a new smartwatch almost every week, so there’s no wonder that there are enough options for every pocket. But let’s see which ones are the best for the lowest prices! Keep in mind that these are not the cheapest ones, but those that offer the best quality/price ratio.

  • Pebble Time Steel

    You can still find the original Pebble available and working, even after two years after its launch, but there is also an upgraded version, the Pebble Time Steel. It comes with a good price and you will be surprised to hear that the battery lasts for up to seven days. This smartwatch also includes a color e-paper screen, a Pebble Health application and a redesigned Timeline OS, all for £77.81 on or Amazon.

  • Sony Smartwatch 3

    Perhaps this is the best deal you will find on the list and on the market, since the Samsung product offers lots of enticing features. It brings to its users full GPS tracking options for fitness and it also works with NFC in order to allow you to make contactless payments through Google Wallet. The battery lasts for 2 days plus and it is up to the standards. It costs £94.95, which is more than the Pebble, but still quite cheap for a smartwatch.

  • Asus ZenWatch 2

    The ZenWatch 2 smartwatch is a great alternative too. It doesn’t compare to the main rivals such as Huawei Watch, Apple Watch or Gear S2, but it’s not bad either. It has all the Android Wear features and a sleek look. Considering the £109.95 price, you might even say that it’s a bargain for all the features it offers.

  • Samsung Gear Live

    This model was among the first ones released along with the Android Wear series, and now it has become a real bargain for whoever wants to get a smartwatch and is on a budget. Though the Android Wear series has now reached the third series, the older versions have still received updates, so you don’t need to worry that you’ll be using an outdated product.

  • Martian Notifier

    The Notifier is compatible both with iOS and Android and it is a mix between an analogue display and a tiny OLED screen that shows you what calls and messages you received. You have the option of personalizing the vibration patterns in order to identify several callers. It is quite an old model, but for the price it has, £50.67, there’s not really something you can complain about.

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