Best Classic Google Maps Alternatives


Mankind has been using maps to get across unknown territories for a very long time, and what started with a piece of paper has evolved into something more compact and complex: a mobile app.

Whether you are on your way to your much deserved vacation or you are finding yourself with a bit of free time in a strange city between business meetings, you can use a mobile app to see where you can go how to get there, and what you can expect. Straight off the bat, let it be known that Google Maps is the industry standard, which comes with an array of features and functions that provide valuable information for all kinds of traveling situations. However, it is not the only app available. In this article, we will take a look at what other solutions you might find, when looking for a good Google Maps alternative, whether it’s because you want something Maps doesn’t offer, or simply because you want to change it up.


This application represents tough competition for Google’s app, as it is filled to the brim with features that get you out of jams with ease. One of the best thing about this app is that you don’t depend on WiFi to use it, and as matter of fact, you don’t even depend on internet. You can download your desired maps offline and used them without a connection, which is great for people that find themselves in places where internet is scarce or completely absent.

City Maps

With City Maps, you get a great traveling experience thanks to the app’s native ability to supply offline content for those that can’t access the internet. If your destination is a city you’ve never been to before, CityMaps is a great solution for you, as you will get plenty of directions and suggestions of where you can go and how to get there, while the apps also provides you with an enticing guide of the city you’re visiting.


CycleMap, as you might have guessed, differs itself from other similar services through the fact that it offers extended information regarding travelling on a bicycle. It offers detailed guidance for over 400 cities, and goes the extra mile to provide you with information regarding height, distance and even surface for any given trail).


Embark is another maps app that takes the focus off driving. With embark, you have support for over 60 urban locations, and its selling point is the fact that it keeps you in touch with all transit and means of transportation in town, including routes, schedules, and so on. If you are on foot and looking to catch a ride, Embark is a neat app to have. It also has integration with the popular app Uber.


What this nifty little app specializes in are plans. You might find yourself in an unknown place, with no idea about what you can do to pass time. This incorporates a multitude of elements such a weather, time, user personal preferences, location, and so on, to find the most suitable attraction in town for you to visit.


This app is a little different from your average traveling app. The theme of Sidekix is that you use the app to find new exciting places where you can hang out, that you didn’t even know existed. It also has a buddy system that allow your friends to virtually tag along for the ride. As you go on foot, Sidekix will provide you with information about all the local business you encounter.


This app doesn’t give you an automatic route towards your destination, meaning that you will have to configure your own, but it more than makes up for it with tons of features like great reviews for nearby businesses where you can go grab lunch or have a refreshing beverage. It will also keep you informed regarding transit and other traffic important information.


AllTrails comes in two versions. The regular one, which supplies online maps, and the premium version, which offers support for offline navigation. AllTrails is an app for people that love to hike or spend a lot of time outdoors. With close to 3 million people submitting their input for over 50.000 trails, you can be sure that your novice hiking experience will go much smoother than as it would without a trusty companion like AllTrails.

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