Best HTC One Cases Under $20

htc one case

The HTC One is one of the most successful handsets released. Even though HTC has had success with mobile device prior to the release of this handset, the HTC One became an instant fan favorite, not only for its amazing features but also for its great build and aesthetics. In fact, the aesthetics played a pretty big part in the success of the device, with a lot of people praising HTC’s design team. To preserve the mint aspect of the HTC One, or to simply make sure that it doesn’t break that one single time you weren’t careful and dropped it, there are phone cases that protect your phone and look exquisite doing it. Next we’ll be displaying some of the best HTC One phone cases you can grab for under $20.

  • Diztronic TPU Case – $10

    This case focuses on efficiency rather than insane flashy looks. It covers the back side of the device and stretches a bit over to the front so that your display won’t be affected if the phone falls face-down. It has cuts for all the HTC One buttons and ports, and it’s slim enough that it won’t be noticeable or annoying during everyday use.

  • Poetic Flipbook Case- $15

    The flipbook theme is still going strong among phone case designers, and this one has improved corner protections, as well as dust resistances included thanks to the material used. It is available in several colors and offers full functionality for the HTC One. A slight advantage that this case benefits from is its sleek design, making it the perfect solution if the HTC One user is trying to go for a more classy or even business look for their handset.

  • Cruzerlite Androidified A2 TPU Case -$13

    This one is a s simple as it can get. A simple, affordable TPU case that have the Android logo on the back, in a multitude of colors. For those that want protection with a nice design. This case is the perfect example of achieving a good result without throwing in too many ingredients. As some may say, less is more (at least sometimes).

  • The Barely There Case- $20

    Barely There have a special case just for the HTC One, that is also inexpensive and is so light you will barely notice it’s there (as the brand name suggests). It’s made of a flexible plastic that can take a hit, and looks good as well. It pretty much offers everything you’re looking for in a case, at a good price.

The importance of having a case for your mobile phone is imperative, as no matter how careful one can be, there will always be an element of unpredictability, and if your phone is exposed at the wrong moment in the wrong place, you’re going to regret not having a case. Thankfully, the phone case industry is very competitive, and the prices can range from basic to premium, meaning that there should be at least a few great cases for every budget out there.

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