Best Tech Gadgets You Should Have in Your Home

tech gadgets

It’s so important nowadays to create a little haven for us in our apartment that, ideally, takes care of some of our chores for us, and the best way we can achieve this is by getting a wide array of devices, each with their own little essential place in our home. Here are five devices that you absolutely need to have in your home.

  • Let a robot do your cleaning for you

    Chores like moping and vacuuming are very annoying, we can all agree on this, but there are devices out there like the iRobot Braava or Pure Clean that can do this for you. The first one is $100 more expensive than the latter one but they both do the job just as well. So, if you’re appalled at the idea of grabbing a mop and a broom, this would be the best home gadget for you.

  • Unlock your door with your Phone

    Sometimes we lose the keys to the house. It happens and we have to accept that when we do, we’ll have to call a locksmith and wait for him to come and let us in. But things don’t have to be this way when we lose our keys. There’s the option of using a Kwikset Kevo or an August Smart Lock which are basically locks that can be opened via your iPhone. Now, if you lose your phone that’s an entirely different story…

  • Charging furniture from Ikea

    We all use a lot of devices generally, like TVs, laptops, smartphones and many more so it can get very annoying to always see a lot of wiring around the house. Sure, if you’re savvy enough, you can probably camouflage them behind a desk or couch. But some of us aren’t that inventive. For this last category, there is wireless charging furniture at Ikea that ranges from bedside tables to desks and they all support this type of charging.

  • Control you’re A/C with your smartphone

    It’s very confortable to be able to control you’re A/C from a distance. With Tado Cooling you can do just that. Basically, this Tado Cooling will turn any A/C into a smart device and will connect it to your smartphone, thus enabling you to control your air conditioning from wherever you are. This means that if you want your house to be chilly when you get there, you can turn everything on before you arrive.

  • Expresso at home

    Everybody needs an Espresso in the morning and it’s really not that hard to make. You can just get a coffee machine like the Nespresso Vertuoline that will do everything for you. All you have to do is to push a button (and fill the machine with coffee and water, of course).

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