Best Tips and Tricks to Improve GPS Signal on Android

tips to improve gps signal android

The GPS sensor existing on your phone allows you to use navigation apps, such as Google Maps, and the location services are used in various apps in order to see your geo-location. Moreover, there are even some augmented reality games that need to use this signal, such as Pokemon GO. Read on for some advices on how to improve the GPS signal on your phone or tablet.

But before knowing how to improve your signal, you should know a thing or two about how what it actually is. GPS comes from Global Positioning System and it was made in 1973 by the American army. In 1995 it was released to the public and now it is based on the work of 31 GPS satellites. The smartphone communicates with them through the GPS antenna. But how to make sure it works as well as it can?

  1. Turn on the high accuracy mode

    One thing to know if you want to use the best signal you can is that this is going to consume more battery than the usual. It’s a sacrifice you will have to make, but you can turn this off when you no longer need the GPS, for instance when you reach a destination or when you’re sick of playing Pokemon.

    In order to turn this mode on, you have to go to Settings/ Location and make sure that the location services are turned on. Under Location you should find the Mode option, tap it and set it to High accuracy. This will make it use GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile data in order to locate your position.

  2. Make sure the GPS signal is active

    One of the most encountered issues when it comes to switching from app to app is the fact that the phone automatically turns off the GPS signal. For instance, if you’re playing Pokemon Go and get out of the game in order to check your message, you might come back to the GPS signal turned off. The solution to this problem is to download a GPS app, such as Connected GPS, which is a simple one and will solve this without any additional steps. However, this might also decrease your battery life.

  3. See if your GPS has issues

    There are some apps, such as GPS Essentials, which can help you diagnose possible issues the GPS might have because of a software and hardware issue. Go to the main menu in GPS Essentials and tap on Satellites, then see how your phone connects to the satellites gravitating the earth.

If there are no satellites that appear, this might mean that there are some metallic objects around that interfere with the signal. If you do see satellites but the GPS still doesn’t work, it means that there is a problem with the software.

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