Best Ways to Keep Your Android Phone Secure

keep android secure

As technology is constantly expanding, so is the number of threats existing on the market. The Android platform is not that safe anymore, and people are more and more worried about their safety and their data’s privacy online. Smartphones are always targets of attacks and people keep on them lots of personal information, from photos to contacts, videos and messages. Thankfully, Google Play offers lots of options when it comes to security and privacy, since there are lots of apps designed for this. Let’s have a look at some features one particular app is offering:

  1. ESET Mobile Security app. It offers the best antivirus scanning for devices, together with a friendly user interface. It seems that it detects 99.9% of the most recent threats in online, scoring a 6 out of 6 score when it comes to protection. You can choose to set a smartphone scan periodically and you can choose what type of scan you want: Smart Scan, Quick Scan or Deep Scan.

    eset mobile security app

    ESET mobile security app

  2. Application Audit and Device Monitoring. Many apps request permissions for some things that they don’t actually need these days. Some can make phone calls, read the browser history, the photos, calendar, track the location or share data with other parties. The Application Audit from ESET Mobile Security lets you know what permissions are granted to every app installed on the tablet and smartphone. The Device Monitoring option allows you to be informed of every setting which is not right and doesn’t help keep your device secure.
  3. Anti-Theft feature. This lets you track the device if it’s lost or stolen. Moreover, it lets you set a password for the app so that nobody can uninstall it, except for you. You just need to set a number you trust which will be used in case of emergency, and then select a trusted SIM card in the app. If you lose the phone or it gets stolen, you have to log into the ESET account on their website and then you can track the device through their interface. There is also a bonus feature that takes selfies and photos when you mark a device as Missing, which is great and it might lead to capturing the thief.
  4. Anti-Phishing. These days, it’s nothing uncommon to receive messages, phishing emails or contacts. Many hackers and evil developers are trying to get your credentials for bank accounts, emails or social media. That’s why it’s important to be careful with what messages and emails you are receiving. Thankfully, the Anti-Phishing feature offers you extra protection when you’re browsing the web. Also, it can let you block SMS, MMS and other phone calls you do not request. In a word, it lets you block unknown numbers or even the ones you know.
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