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Best 7 Mobile Apps Development Tools

Recently, mobile programming tools that involve low or no code have become popular among developers and business users, especially since they represent a fast way to gain success with mobile apps. There is also a current debate

Which is Better, Evernote or Google Keep?

In this fast-paced world, almost everybody needs a note-taking app that is fast to access and easy to use. Though there are lots of apps available on the market now, two of them have had great success

Top 6 Must Have Safari Extensions

Everybody knows that extensions are an essential part in making a web browser more productive than it was intended to be. And Safari, the default web browser you will find on all Apple devices (Mac and iPad

Top 7 Pregnancy Apps for Android

From generation to generation, it is accustomed that new mothers receive advice from their own regarding pregnancy and how to get through it as painlessly as possible, as well as how to avoid things you shouldn’t do.

Google Pixel Launcher Tips and Tricks

Google has shifted its flagship direction and where the Nexus devices once reigned supreme, enter Pixel. Pixel is the current flagship device in Google’s lineup, and it features considerable differences in comparison to the Nexus, which means

Best Classic Google Maps Alternatives

Mankind has been using maps to get across unknown territories for a very long time, and what started with a piece of paper has evolved into something more compact and complex: a mobile app. Whether you are

Hide Your Files on Android – Best Techniques to Know Of

We all know that mini heart attack when you see your phone in the hands of somebody else and suddenly remember everything you had stored there that shouldn’t be seen by somebody else’s eyes. Also, maybe you

Top 5 Tablets for Reading

We have to admit that in today’s world, newspapers are becoming obsolete, and the people who still read them are simply nostalgic. Now you can find any information in the online world, and not only news, but

5 Most Used Windows Applications and Their Mac Alternatives

Everybody knows that a big part of the market already belongs to Windows. Moreover, if you’re one of the users who have switched from Windows to Mac, you might find yourself disappointed in the scarcity of the

7 Most Addictive Android Games Ever

If you look into the past, you will see that there is a pattern with the games that quickly become the most successful and the most addictive you can find. Generally, games that are easy and fast
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