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Get The Most of Your Android Phone Without Getting Through the Rooting Process

Many people claim that if you want to take full advantage of the Android features you have to root it. However, while indeed this offers many possibilities, there are lots of hacks that you can use for

HTC Desire 820 vs. HTC Desire 820 S – Which One Is Better?

It is not unusual for mobile phone manufacturers to come with upgraded versions of their devices, especially when the specific device has potential to do well on the smartphone market. Usually when a device is successful enough,

Best HTC One Cases Under $20

The HTC One is one of the most successful handsets released. Even though HTC has had success with mobile device prior to the release of this handset, the HTC One became an instant fan favorite, not only

Android Hidden System UI Tuner – Best Tweaks and Tricks

A couple of months ago, Google released a hidden menu for the Android Marshmallow operating system. Named System UI Tuner, the hidden menu has lots of interesting small tricks and tweaks, such as hiding the icons on

Lower Your Mobile Data Usage on Android with These Best Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, an unlimited data plan is really expensive, and few people can actually afford it. The rest of us need to constant watch their allowance so as not to exceed it. However, there are some easy ways

Best Android Phones in 2016

We all know that the phone market is in a continuous competition. Leaving aside the rivalry between iOS and Android, there is a huge battle going on in the Android community, and every company strives to produce

Top Windows 10 Mobile Features on Android – What’s There To Know?

If we were to be honest, Microsoft has failed over and over to bring up features and updates to keep it in line with the developments iOS and Android had. Of course, there is still hope that

How to Use an Android Phone to the Fullest When Traveling

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a must-have when traveling. Not only that it makes your life easier, but it might even completely change your trip by showing you the best places to see, to eat or to

Top 5 HTC Phones to Choose From

The best HTC phone chosen for this month is the One A9, which is a high-end device, just like all the others released by the company. However, this isn’t the only awesome phone released by HTC, and

Best Selfie Sticks to Use with iPhone 7

If you are a selfie person then you’re probably also looking for the perfect selfie stick that will offer the best possible outcome for your iPhone 7 pictures. There are many options on the market, it’s true.
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