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Best Website to Download Videos in 2017

One of the most popular forms of entertainment are internet videos. Regardless of what kind of videos you’re looking for, you can most likely find them on the internet, and there are people that spend a good

Top 5 Free Online Word Processors

Recently, many people started using online word processors instead of the bulky packages that offer several programs and that take time to load a document, open up options and so on. There are lots of online word

Which is Better, Evernote or Google Keep?

In this fast-paced world, almost everybody needs a note-taking app that is fast to access and easy to use. Though there are lots of apps available on the market now, two of them have had great success

Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges

Though it is a very useful technology, cloud computing is not known by many people. It is in fact a delivering of computing not as a product, but rather as a service. Through this, computers and other

Best Classic Google Maps Alternatives

Mankind has been using maps to get across unknown territories for a very long time, and what started with a piece of paper has evolved into something more compact and complex: a mobile app. Whether you are

Why You Should Choose Twitter Over Facebook

The world has definitely changed drastically with the introduction of social media. As you may have noticed, social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are not limited to being used for keeping in touch with loved ones, people

Best 6 Free Cloud Storage Services with More Space

Nowadays there’s an enormous amount of content generated by most of us, starting with, say, all of the many pictures that an individual takes of himself/herself and their loved ones and ending with the huge amounts of

7 Reasons to Use a VPN

Many people don’t actually know what a VPN is, though they might even be using it. A Virtual Private Network (because that’s what the letters stand for), represents a group of computers that are networked together over

Which Social Media Platforms Should I Be Using?

Nowadays, we can all agree that social media has become an important part of our lives. However, if as an individual it doesn’t matter too much which social network are you using and to what purposes, for

Facebook, Google and WhatsApp Security – Governments are Spying on Our Activities!

The successful companies from the Silicon Valley, such as Snapchat, Google and Facebook, are currently working on their own strategies to bring more privacy to their technology, while at the same time Apple is using encryption to
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