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Android Hidden System UI Tuner – Best Tweaks and Tricks

A couple of months ago, Google released a hidden menu for the Android Marshmallow operating system. Named System UI Tuner, the hidden menu has lots of interesting small tricks and tweaks, such as hiding the icons on

Google Pixel Launcher Tips and Tricks

Google has shifted its flagship direction and where the Nexus devices once reigned supreme, enter Pixel. Pixel is the current flagship device in Google’s lineup, and it features considerable differences in comparison to the Nexus, which means

Lower Your Mobile Data Usage on Android with These Best Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, an unlimited data plan is really expensive, and few people can actually afford it. The rest of us need to constant watch their allowance so as not to exceed it. However, there are some easy ways

Why You Should Choose Twitter Over Facebook

The world has definitely changed drastically with the introduction of social media. As you may have noticed, social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are not limited to being used for keeping in touch with loved ones, people

How to Use an Android Phone to the Fullest When Traveling

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a must-have when traveling. Not only that it makes your life easier, but it might even completely change your trip by showing you the best places to see, to eat or to

Best Selfie Sticks to Use with iPhone 7

If you are a selfie person then you’re probably also looking for the perfect selfie stick that will offer the best possible outcome for your iPhone 7 pictures. There are many options on the market, it’s true.

Best Tech Gadgets You Should Have in Your Home

It’s so important nowadays to create a little haven for us in our apartment that, ideally, takes care of some of our chores for us, and the best way we can achieve this is by getting a

Best Cheap Smartwatches for Android Users

If you want to get yourself a smartwatch, but you can’t splurge and have to keep your eye on the budget, rest assured that you will have a plethora of choices! We get a new smartwatch almost

Tips on Starting a Youtube Channel

Nowadays everybody seems to be having a blog, vlog or at least an YouTube account. Or if they don’t, they surely are watching somebody who does it. It is not that easy to have a successful vlog,

Top Alternatives to PayPal

Everybody is using nowadays online shopping and purchases and, frankly, they are a real time-saver, especially if you work all day long and don’t have time for physical shopping. Many people can’t even imagine a world without
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