Get The Most of Your Android Phone Without Getting Through the Rooting Process

rooting android

Many people claim that if you want to take full advantage of the Android features you have to root it. However, while indeed this offers many possibilities, there are lots of hacks that you can use for your Android device even without performing such a complicated process.

  1. Locking your phone from afar

    Losing your phone is indeed a very unpleasant experience, especially if you think about the fact that somebody else can see all the content on the device. Thankfully, the Android Device Manager lets you control your device even if it’s not next to you. You have there the option of remotely locating the device, plus the possibility of remotely locking and erasing data, which you can enable at any time.

  2. Recording your voice calls

    If you want to feel like a spy and to record the voice calls you have, for whatever reason, you should know that you don’t have to root your device necessarily, as many call recorder apps require you to. Automatic Call Recorder is free and easy to use app that lets you enable voice recording on the device.

  3. Use Linux on the Android

    Though it sounds extremely complicated, using a fully working OS like the Debian one from Linux is a relatively simple task. In the Play Store you can find a special app called Debian noroot, which can be installed for free. Then you just have to open the Android home screen like a regular app, and then simply install programs or games for Debian just like on any Linux version.

  4. Get around your security

    When you set up a trusted location, this means that the device doesn’t need a security code anymore when you use it in that particular place. Of course, there is a constant risk of doing this in a public place, since you make it easier for everybody to hack your phone and see its contents. Even so, doing this at home it’s actually a smart idea. You have to go to security settings and set up a safe unlocking method, like a PIN code. Then go to Smart Lock, enter the code and tap on Trusted places to add the location. Then you won’t need to enter the code when you’re in that place.

  5. Monitor your heart-rate with the LED flash

    Definitely, if your device doesn’t have a heart-rate monitor built-in, you won’t find an app to do that accurately. The technology consists in a light tracking the changes in the color under your skin in order to see how much blood is passing through. Use the right software and you can use the LED flash for this. Try the Instant Heart Rate app, for example.

  6. Turn navigation buttons into app shortcuts

    Simply by using the Home2 Shortcut app you can set several shortcuts for the navigation buttons. This means you can access the apps from any screen. For instance, you can choose to assign File Manager to a gesture of double tapping on the home button. Easy, huh?

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