Hide Your Files on Android – Best Techniques to Know Of

hide files & folders

We all know that mini heart attack when you see your phone in the hands of somebody else and suddenly remember everything you had stored there that shouldn’t be seen by somebody else’s eyes. Also, maybe you installed some apps and don’t want them to be visible for everybody. Thankfully, there are other options to help you with this.

Samsung, for instance, thought about their users’ privacy and introduced some “vault” features that allow you to use a secure space on the device. However, the stock Android OS does not offer a good solution when it comes to hiding files. There is indeed a hiding option in the gallery and you can also use the file explorer to hide or alter the name of a folder. However, this is not really hidden, since they won’t appear publicly on the display, but if you lose your phone or give it to somebody else, they can still see it.

One solution to this is to use a non-stock launcher. Usually they offer more options for hiding apps than the stock ones. The most popular one on the Store is the Nova Launcher. There is indeed a free version of it, but you can also pay for the Prime upgrade if you want more features for hiding apps. If you bought it, you can go to Nova Launcher/ Nova Settings/ App & Widget drawers, and scroll down until you reach Drawer groups/ Hide apps.

Another available launcher is the Apex Launcher, which also lets you hide apps Moreover, this one doesn’t ask you for money in order to access the settings.

Yet another solution for your privacy would be to lock the apps. The previously mentioned launchers help you hide them, but locking them would stop other people from opening them at all, whether they’re hidden or not. AppLock is a great solution for this. It’s great for images and videos, but you also have some other great options One of them is called Advanced Protection, and it lets you set a password for uninstalling the app.

Hide It Pro is a useful app that helps you go incognito. This is creative and awesome, since it disguises any app you want to hide as being an audio manager. When somebody else opens it, they will only see some audio settings. But only you know the secret to unlock it: press and hold the logo of the app and then you can access the secure space with your hidden files and other contents.

All in all, there are lots of apps on this topic available on the market, but which one you choose depends a lot on your preferences and on your needs, on the amount of files you want to hide, whether there are apps or not and so on.

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