How to Get the Best of Skype


We have to admit that Skype is indeed a great tool nowadays, letting you keep in touch with friends or coworkers, whether you use it in personal or professional purposes. Despite being so popular, there are lots of apps that many users don’t know about, so here’s a brief guide for you to be more Skype-wise and to take advantage to the fullest of this service.

  • Get the best audio and video quality

    If you go to the Options menu, you will see there lots of tweaks and adjustments for the audio and video quality. There are three options to edit, Microphone, Speakers and Ringtone. You can choose what audio device on the computer can handle the audio part, such as the speakers or the headset. It is wisely recommended to uncheck the automatically adjusting option, since Skype usually lowers the volume of calls.

  • Check out the settings before you start using Skype

    For good bandwidth connections, Skype has improved the quality of their calls. However, you should still invest in a good webcam, and one of the best options is Logitech. However, for laptop users, you have to settle for the built-in camera. Before starting a call, check the light in the room, but don’t place a source of light right in front of your face. Check out the webcam settings and see what you look like, thus you will have time to troubleshoot any issue that might appear before you start your call.

  • Manage group calls

    Long time ago, if you wanted to enjoy a group call, you had to pay extra money. However, probably the rival Google made the Skype team think twice and now it’s free. You can just dial the first number and stay on the line with the person, then go to the call window and you will see more options at the bottom. The plus symbol means you can add participants, send files and others. Click on it and choose Add people. Choose who you want to add from the list and you’re set!

  • Run more Skype IDs at the same time

    One of the easiest way to run several Skype IDs at the same time is the Seaside Multi Skype Launcher. This is just one of the several launchers that allows you to use three or even more instances on Skype simultaneously. It’s a great solution for call centers or other businesses that rely on this program, but not only. You can use it as an individual too, if you have different Skype IDs for work or for home.

All in all, Skype might be even more amazing than you think, if you check out in detail all the options it offers.

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