Lower Your Mobile Data Usage on Android with These Best Tips and Tricks

mobile data usage

Nowadays, an unlimited data plan is really expensive, and few people can actually afford it. The rest of us need to constant watch their allowance so as not to exceed it. However, there are some easy ways to use the mobile data on Android without overpaying.

  • Share files, photos and videos via Bluetooth instead of the mobile data. This will save up lots of bytes on your mobile data and it will offer you the same speedy transfer between your phone and your friends’.
  • Use the Wi-Fi hotspots. The open Wi-Fi networks are a great way to save up on your mobile data plan when you’re out in town. Most eateries and restaurants offer this option, so you might as well take advantage of it.
  • Go offline as often as you can. Many apps let you use the info they provide offline, such as Google Maps. You can download the map of the area you need and save up on mobile data when you use it.
  • Don’t handle pictures and videos online. Just one minute of HD footage takes up to 200 MB data and one single picture can have 40 MB. If you start uploading photos on Facebook or Instagram for instance, or downloading pictures and videos, obviously this will affect your mobile data. Most likely it’s not that urgent and you can wait until you get a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Store music on the device’s memory. Streaming services and apps such as Vine, Spotify or YouTube take up lots of megabytes from your data plan. You could avoid exceeding your limits by simply downloading the songs and store them on your phone. This would also allow you to listen to them when you don’t have an Internet connection.
  • Disable the auto-update feature for apps. This is a huge drain in your mobile plan, since Google Play constantly finds new updates for one app or another. Make sure that every app is set not to automatically update itself or set the phone to make updates only when you’re on a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Quite the official Facebook app. Relax, this doesn’t mean you have to quit Facebook entirely, but truth is that this is one of the apps that take up most data allowance. Thankfully, there are other options too: there is Facebook Lite, which cuts down the consumption to 50%, but this might still be too much. You can also use Tinfoil for Facebook, a web app that shows you the website, or simply make a shortcut in your browser.
  • Compress the web pages. The Chrome browser, for instance, has a great feature that lets you compress the pages you see before you load them. This might reduce up to 30-35% of your data consumption.
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