OS X Users, You Need to Reduce Your Internet Speed Sometimes!

limit your internet speed

Most of the time when we talk about internet speed, we talk about ways to speedup the internet connection. But on the contrary the opposite is also required at times, means, the need to reduce the internet speed!

Some scenarios include, when you don’t want your bandwidth to be wasted when you are watching a youtube video, where otherwise youtube will automatically buffer the rest of the video which you will never watch, causing more bandwidth consumption so in this case it will be wise to throttle your connection bit! Or when you have the need to test a website, how fast it loads on a normal connection speed? For youtube there are other add-ons which you can use to prevent buffering. But this method is still useful if you want to stop buffering when watching videos on sites like Netflix,Vimeo,DailyMotion,Hulu and many other video hosting websites.

I am going to introduce a simple yet powerful tool for mac os x users, Network Link Conditioner, which allows to you to control your internet speed.

You will have to download Hardware IO Tools for Xcode in order to get Network Link Conditioner . For more information on how to install Network Link Conditioner see http://nshipster.com/network-link-conditioner/ or you can directly download the Hardware IO Tools for Xcode package from https://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action?q=Hardware%20IO%20Tools and find Network Link Conditioner in the bundle. Once you have downloaded, open the installer, along with Network Link Conditioner you will find many other tools included in the bundle, just double-click “Network Link Condition.prefPane” to install.

Once installed you can access it from the System Preferences, where you can create many profiles with various speed settings.


Network Link Conditioner already comes with a predefined set of profiles which you can use, but you also can create your own profiles with your own speed settings. And whenever you want to control the speed just turn on Network Link Conditioner and select the profile i.e. the speed, you want.


And whenever you’re done, you may simply turn it off to get back the original speed of your connection. Also note that once you activate, you can see an icon in the Mac menu bar for easy access. 

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