PC/Mac to Android File Transfer Over WiFi

android file transfer wifi

If you have an android device and a computer such as a PC or a Mac, then you must have come across situations where you needed to transfer files between your handheld device and the computer. You can transfer files over a variety of mediums, like for example with a usb cable, over internet, over a wifi connection, over bluetooth etc.. I am going to show you a method where you can transfer files easily from a wifi connection, and note that you only need a wifi connection with or without internet connection.

Download the app:

We’re going to use AirDroid app for android, which comes with the file transfer feature along with other cool features, but here we’re going to focus on how we can use the file transfer feature of AirDroid.

Install the app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sand.airdroid

AirDroid supports transferring files over various methods. You can access your phone over the internet from anywhere in the world, over a local wifi connection, or via a USB cable. We’re going to use the WiFi method because it’s easier and doesn’t consume your internet bandwidth.

When you want to use the app with a wifi connection, there are two scenarios:

1) You already have a local wifi connection in your premises

In this case just connect your android device and your computer to the same wifi connection, to be able to use AirDroid.

2) You don’t have a wifi connection available

In this case you will have to use your android device’s WiFi Hotspot feature. Many android devices now comes with the facility to turn on WiFi Hotspot with a tap of a button.


If your device doesn’t come with that feature by default, you can download a WiFi Hotspot app like (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kr.core.technology.wifi.hotspot). Install the app and turn on WiFi Hotspot, then connect your computer to this newly created WiFi connection.

android portable wifi hotspot

Android portable wifi hotspot configuration

Once you have completed any of the above methods now you’re ready to use the AirDroid app and transfer files as you want.

Now open the AirDroid app on your android phone, and you will already see it’s connected to the network and ready to use, just note the IP address on the screen, it will look something like « ». Now type this address as it is in a web browser on your computer. Once you enter this address and hit enter, you will see a prompt in your phone asking whether to allow access.

airdroid wifi access prompt

AirDroid access prompt

Once you click the ‘accept’ button, the AirDroid screen will be visible on your web browser where you can do a host of things, apart from transferring files.


AirDroid Home Screen

You will see the ‘Files’ icon in the home screen, double-click it to open the file transfer window.

AirDroid file transfer screen

AirDroid file transfer screen


* Sometimes when you enter the IP address and hit enter it may take forever for the access prompt to appear on your phone, in this case try to disconnect from your wifi network, reconnect and then try again. 
* This method is convenient when transferring smaller files like documents, video clips, MP3’s etc.. If you want to transfer huge files it may take some time and it’s recommended to use another method which is faster.


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