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Get The Most of Your Android Phone Without Getting Through the Rooting Process

Many people claim that if you want to take full advantage of the Android features you have to root it. However, while indeed this offers many possibilities, there are lots of hacks that you can use for

Android Hidden System UI Tuner – Best Tweaks and Tricks

A couple of months ago, Google released a hidden menu for the Android Marshmallow operating system. Named System UI Tuner, the hidden menu has lots of interesting small tricks and tweaks, such as hiding the icons on

Top 7 Pregnancy Apps for Android

From generation to generation, it is accustomed that new mothers receive advice from their own regarding pregnancy and how to get through it as painlessly as possible, as well as how to avoid things you shouldn’t do.

Hide Your Files on Android – Best Techniques to Know Of

We all know that mini heart attack when you see your phone in the hands of somebody else and suddenly remember everything you had stored there that shouldn’t be seen by somebody else’s eyes. Also, maybe you

Best Android Phones in 2016

We all know that the phone market is in a continuous competition. Leaving aside the rivalry between iOS and Android, there is a huge battle going on in the Android community, and every company strives to produce

Top Windows 10 Mobile Features on Android – What’s There To Know?

If we were to be honest, Microsoft has failed over and over to bring up features and updates to keep it in line with the developments iOS and Android had. Of course, there is still hope that

How to Use an Android Phone to the Fullest When Traveling

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a must-have when traveling. Not only that it makes your life easier, but it might even completely change your trip by showing you the best places to see, to eat or to

5 Best Android Alternatives to iPhone 6

iPhone 6 has been quite a safe bet for people who want a good phone for its price range, but there are people who are not Apple fans and still want a great handset. For them there

Top 6 Free Brain & Puzzle Games for Android

Puzzle games are among the most successful categories of games ever. Actually, the most popular franchise in mobile gaming, Angry Birds, is in fact a puzzle game. Over the years, this genre has progressed a lot, and

Best Ways to Keep Your Android Phone Secure

As technology is constantly expanding, so is the number of threats existing on the market. The Android platform is not that safe anymore, and people are more and more worried about their safety and their data’s privacy
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