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Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges

Though it is a very useful technology, cloud computing is not known by many people. It is in fact a delivering of computing not as a product, but rather as a service. Through this, computers and other

Best Ways to Keep Your Android Phone Secure

As technology is constantly expanding, so is the number of threats existing on the market. The Android platform is not that safe anymore, and people are more and more worried about their safety and their data’s privacy

How to Make Sure Your Data is Really Deleted Before Selling Your Android Phone

We’ve all been there: you accidentally delete the data on your phone or you lose the most important files you have stored there. It’s really unpleasant and even sad to lose files that are important either professionally

Facebook, Google and WhatsApp Security – Governments are Spying on Our Activities!

The successful companies from the Silicon Valley, such as Snapchat, Google and Facebook, are currently working on their own strategies to bring more privacy to their technology, while at the same time Apple is using encryption to
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