Tips on Starting a Youtube Channel


Nowadays everybody seems to be having a blog, vlog or at least an YouTube account. Or if they don’t, they surely are watching somebody who does it. It is not that easy to have a successful vlog, though many people that it just implies staying in front of a camera and talking about stuff. However, things are much more complicated than this.

  • Be consistent

    Many people have good ideas, start off their vlogs, post a couple of times and then forget about it. It’s a shame to invest so much energy and time into something and then give it up. Moreover, the more you practice, the better videos you will have! Set yourself a goal (such as 1 video a week, 2 a month or something like that ) and then strive to stick to it.

  • Don’t compare

    Of course, there are always some other channels which are more successful, more popular and their authors are more skilled, experienced etc. The option is yours: you can look up to them, analyze them and see what would help you improve, or you can just let them intimidate you. Think about the fact that they all started somewhere and everybody has a different process of evolution.

  • Look at videos, movies and TV shows

    Next time you watch an episode from your favorite TV show, remember that you can analyze them and pay attention to the shooting techniques, angles and ways to achieve modern results. Rewind the clip, watch carefully and try to imitate what you see, even if you don’t have professional equipment.

  • Choose a decent camera

    You don’t have to splurge on the latest equipment, but what you should be looking after when buying a camera is audio and image stabilization. The audio part is really important, since you want people to hear what you are saying. Needless to say, image stabilization is essential, since nobody likes seeing a trembling video.

  • Use a simple editing software

    Choosing this will save you some time and lots of nerves. Final Cut Pro isn’t really necessary, you can do your thing with Windows Movie Maker too! This is the program that is already installed on laptops, and even if you don’t find it, it’s free to download. Keep it simple and everything will be alright!

  • Don’t take negative comments personal

    Of course it’s hard to see that after you put your soul in a video, people start saying it’s bad and make other negative comments. That doesn’t mean they are right or that the video doesn’t have any good part in it. You have to accept the critiques that are really based on something, since this can help you improve, and ignore the mean comments with no practical purpose.

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