Top 5 Tablets for Reading

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We have to admit that in today’s world, newspapers are becoming obsolete, and the people who still read them are simply nostalgic. Now you can find any information in the online world, and not only news, but also magazines, comics, PDFs, books or textbooks. Under these circumstances, tablets are some of the most useful devices to read, but which one of them is the best?

  • Kindle Paperwhite

    One of the most important issues when it comes to reading something on the tablet is the screen glare when you’re outside or even indoors because of the light. Many people try to tilt the device or change the position in order to reduce the strain on their eyes. Thankfully, Kindle Paperwhite offers adjustable lights and a great battery. However, remember that this is made only for Kindle books and e-books.

  • ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300C-A1-BK

    This is a great tablet for reading comics and books. The 10-inch tablet has been rocking the market with its sky-rocketing ratings. It’s great because it’s fast and highly responsive because of the 2 GB RAM it sports. It also has a long battery life and it’s lightweight. The IPS display ensures that there is little to no strain on your eyes. Bonus, it lets you do your web surfing, since it’s not just an ebook reader, but a tablet.

  • The Nook HD Snow

    This 2016 tablet is awesome and it deserves its place on this list through its light and thin design. Thus it’s easy to carry around and to store. It costs $99.98, which also makes it one of the cheapest options you can find. The screen is 7-inches big and it brings HD graphics, while the battery can last even up to 10 hours.

  • iPad 4

    The Apple product offers a Retina display on a 9.7-inches screen, which means it’s quite big. You have 16 GB of flash memory to store your books, 1 GB RAM, which means it is quite fast, and a iOS 6 dual-core processor. It was designed for high performance, fulfilling several functions at the same time, which is great for the set price: $395. It also runs on a battery that can last 10 hours.

  • Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet

    Leaving the old operating system behind, Microsoft has abandoned Windows 8.1 and moved on to Windows 10 OS. The best part about this tablet is that it’s a hybrid product, which means you can either use it as a laptop or as a tablet, thanks to its flexible kickstand. It can even replace your computer since it lets you do just about anything on it, including reading books and magazines. Moreover, it’s a light model, supports Wi-Fi and it brings 11-inches of full HD screen. The best part? It costs under $500.

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