Top 5 Free Online Word Processors

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Recently, many people started using online word processors instead of the bulky packages that offer several programs and that take time to load a document, open up options and so on. There are lots of online word processors that are very easy to use, free and quick to being set up. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and useful ones available on the market!

  • Google Docs

    Perhaps the online word processor most similar to the Microsoft Word one, which is the most widely-used. It enables users to create, edit and work together on documents in no time. The best part is that the documents can also be accessed on the go, no matter the location, as long as there is a working Internet connection. There are lots of options that let you edit the text and it feels just like working in Microsoft Office.

  • ONLYOFFICE Personal

    In order to use this free online word processor, you will have to create an account using your Google or Facebook account. With its help, you can upload files from your computer in .docx format. It also enables you to upload documents from other online text editors, such as Zoho, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive. ONLYOFFICE Personal has a nice interface, it brings up an array of useful features, can import charts, tables, shapes or pictures and it allows users to share their work with friends or colleagues. The best part is that you can restore older versions of the documents, so you can modify any recent changes.

  • Microsoft Word Online

    Perhaps the editor that first comes to mind when the Office package is not immediately available is the Online version of Microsoft Word. It’s a simplified version of the popular Microsoft Word, and it only lets you open files stored on the OneNote account. However, you can get past this by uploading documents before using them in the editor. It auto-saves files and offers lots of editing options: adding footers and headers, tables, pictures and everything else. Moreover, it’s easy to share the work you did until then with other people too.

  • Shutterborg

    Though it might sound menacing, this online word editor is straightforward and has an easy-to-use interface. It is easy to create a new document or to open a new one without even needing to log in. All the editing options are paired in a toolbar placed above the working area, which gives you all the basic tools organized in one spot. From there you can also insert lists, pictures and even HTML code if you need to. You can save the files as .doc, .pdf or HTML formats in your computer when you’re done.

  • Live Writer

    This particular online word processor is awesome because it brings up hundreds of custom options for formatting. It is fast and, bonus, it also enables users to create spreadsheets or slideshows for presentations. You can also use spell check and you can share documents just like with any other program. It is compatible with Google Docs, which means you can import files from there, as well as from your own computer.

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