Top 6 Free Brain & Puzzle Games for Android

puzzle games

Puzzle games are among the most successful categories of games ever. Actually, the most popular franchise in mobile gaming, Angry Birds, is in fact a puzzle game. Over the years, this genre has progressed a lot, and game developers are constantly on the quest of creating new challenges to tease our brains, get us blocked on some level and make us think. Another reason for their huge popularity might be the fact that they are really easy to play on mobile devices. But which are the best puzzle games you can find on Android?

  1. 2048 number puzzle game

    2048 number

    2048. No, it’s not the year, it’s just a free and popular puzzle game that is simple to play. You start from some tiles that have number 2 written on them. Then you have to combine them and obtain fours, eights, and so on, until you can’t make any move anymore. The goal is to reach 2048.

  2. game This is another simple puzzle game, but the difference here is that this one is multiplayer. You start here as a cell and you must swallow several smaller ones in order to become bigger. At the same time, you have to pay attention and to avoid larger cells that want to eat you. As simple as it seems, as popular it has become.

  3. cut the rope game

    Cut the rope

    Cut the Rope: Magic. This is the latest release in the Cut the Rope franchise and it seems to be the easy accessible game that gained everybody’s hearts. In the game, you are a little monster named Om Nom and you have to get some pieces of candy every level and eat them. This new game brings some extra changes: you get transformation powers that help you along the way, some new boss fights, more than 120 puzzles to solve and many more.

  4. crossy road game

    Crossy road

    Crossy Road. You might call this game the Frogger of this generation, since the mechanics of this product are identical. You are a chicken and you must cross several roads and streams and at the same not get hit by a car or drown. The experience is somewhat a retro one thanks to the voxel graphics. It’s fun, easy to play and great for the entire family.

  5. Futurama game of drones

    Futurama game of drones

    Futurama: Game of Drones. The Game of Drones is one of the few acceptable match-three game styles. This shows lots of the trademark content found on the TV show and is following into the steps of other famous match-three puzzle games, such as Bejeweled Blitz, Candy Crush and others. However, it steps up the game by making you match four tiles, which makes it more interesting and more challenging. Choose the game that fits you best or test them all!

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