Top 6 Must Have Safari Extensions

safari extensions

Everybody knows that extensions are an essential part in making a web browser more productive than it was intended to be. And Safari, the default web browser you will find on all Apple devices (Mac and iPad included) is not far from this either. This is why it’s important to know which extensions you want to install, since there are plenty of them to choose from.

  • Pocket

    This is a simple app that revolutionized the way in which you read articles. Its main feature is that it saves articles for you to read them later without any Internet connection. Moreover, you can read them from various platforms, such as tablet PCs or smartphones. It also offers some useful designs and layouts for reading, plus it lets you tag and label whatever you want.

  • Awesome Screenshot

    This is a great tool for helping you with your photos, since it simply captures screenshots from the web pages you visit. You can crop them later, make notes on them, blur areas of the picture and many other interesting features. Moreover, you can screenshot an entire page if you need to. What’s best is that you can share all the screenshots you need with your friends, and for them is really easy to see them too.

  • Turn Off the Lights

    This entertainment extension is useful for dimming the light in certain areas of your web browser. If you are watching a video on YouTube and you see that other things on the page are distracting you, simply use Turn Off the Lights, which will focus the light only on the video. This saves you time when you don’t want to go into full screen mode, but still want to enjoy the video experience.

  • LastPass

    This particular extension is great for enhancing security in your browser. Many people reported that they are sick and tired of filling out again and again the same information about themselves, such as phone number, address, name and other details each time they visit a new website. Thankfully, LastPass relies on the Internet to store your passwords and other data you use for filling forms online. Moreover, it encrypts the data so that nobody else can access it.

  • Facebook Photo Zoom

    An interesting thing that few people thought they actually need it, zooming in on Facebook photos can prove to be really useful. Maybe your eyesight isn’t that good, or maybe you just want to see a particular detail about it, either way the Facebook Photo Zoom extension for the Safari browser is all you need. Just hover over a photograph and in a couple of seconds the extension will let you see an enlarged version of it.

  • 1-Click Weather

    If you’re one of the people who need to know everything about the weather in a specific area, 1-Click Weather is definitely going to help you. This is the official extension for the Safari browser from The Weather Channel, so all the information you will find here is official and accurate. You can check the current temperature, predictions and weather conditions for whatever area you need.

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