Top 7 Pregnancy Apps for Android

android pregnancy apps

From generation to generation, it is accustomed that new mothers receive advice from their own regarding pregnancy and how to get through it as painlessly as possible, as well as how to avoid things you shouldn’t do. This is how pregnant women used to learn about what to eat, what every new feeling they had meant, remedies, tips and tricks during pregnancy, and so on. However, it looks as we’re approaching a future where mothers will pass down what apps they used. To clarify any new confusion we might have created, we’re talking of course about pregnancy apps, which are a thing, and a trending thing at that. In this article we will go over some of the best pregnancy apps available, and see what they can offer.

Baby Bump Pregnancy Po

This application is packed with useful information as well as tracking tools that let you follow the growth of your child each day. You will be able to get a new perspective on the development of both you and the baby, and the body changes that occur. There is also a lot of information regarding baby diets, but also name suggestions, photo manager, and also a place where you can discuss and share information with other mothers.

I’m Expecting

This application gives expecting mothers a place where they can keep a photo journal of their baby bump and record the development of their body as the pregnancy progresses. Pregnancy involves a lot of planning, so the app provides the tools to manage to-do lists and set reminders, so when the big day comes, you are prepared.

Baby Names

Choosing the baby’s name can be the most difficult task you’ll ever have to make, as it will be something that literally sticks with them for their entire lives. This app gives you in-depth details about names, as well as suggestions. With Baby Names you can learn about the popularity of each name, as well as origin and meaning, how it’s pronounced and where it is most common or uncommon.

Pregnancy Food Guide

A pregnant woman’s diet involves some food dodging, as there are certain foods that are not good, quite the opposite, for the baby. With this app, future mothers can get some guidance as to what they can eat and what they should avoid to get the maximum out of a healthy diet that will only help the baby.

Sprout Pregnancy

These applications allow you to see 3D demos of what your child look like at any given moment, how they progress and develop, and also offer information on how you progress and develop as well. Sprout Pregnancy offers some fun and useful features such as a pulse tracker, a counter for how many times the baby kicks in a given time frame, as well as a weight tracker that lets you know just how heavy that bump on your belly is. This is a great app for keeping a close eye on the baby’s development, and will help you bond with the baby before it’s even born.

Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker

This is another great app to have if you want someone reminding you about all your appointments with doctors, as well as predicting a due date. You can track how your baby is developing and check all your daily information to stay on track with everything.

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