Top MacBook Pro Cheap and Useful Accessories

macbook pro accessories

With MacBook Pro being one of the go-to Apple devices in terms of laptop computers, the accessory market for the Apple laptop should be pretty consistent. In this article, we’ll take a look at the types of accessories that you can buy for your MacBook Pro, and which are the best ones available. Usually when there are a lot of something, not all of them are top quality, so let’s start sorting out through the accessories the Mac has to offer.

USB C to Lightning

Apple has made it its goal since day 1 to make their product form a closed circuit, encouraging their customers to integrate Apple products for all their daily necessities. Therefore, all Apple devices have great compatibility with one another, and the connection between a MacBook and an iPhone is sacred. For that reason, you need a middle man that’s worth the task. With the USB ports updated on the new Mac to type C Thunderbolt, you will need a capable cable to connect the two devices. The best option available is the USB C to Lightning cable, which are sold by Apple. They come in two sizes, 1 and 2 M, and cost $25 and $35 respectively.

Adapter multi tool

Depending what your profession is and how demanding your line of work is of your PC, you might need one or more types of port adapters so that you can connect the various output devices that are required on the job. In this case, you will want to get yourself a USB-C Digital AV Multiport adapter, which offers support for multiple port type like HDMI and USB C.

MacBoook Pro 2016 SD Card Adapter

There are a lot of Mac users that heavily rely on SD Cards to transfer their data and important files, but the 2016 MacBook doesn’t have an SD slot at all. However, there is the MacBook Pro 2016 SD Card Adapter, which can be used to bypass this inconvenience.

USB C to USB adapter

All the ports on the MacBook Pro are USB C, meaning that if you want to connect anything that uses the regular USB connection, you will have a bad time. For this purpose, the USB C to USB adapter is here. This little cable adapter will allow you to connect your regular USB devices into your MacBook Pro with no hassle.

USB C Ethernet Adapter

The USB C design takes the MacBook down once again, as it will hinder users that require an Ethernet connection. If you find yourself with an Ethernet cable on one side and an Ethernet port lacking laptop computer by the name of MacBook Pro 2016 on the other, your best bet is an Ethernet adapter. While Apple sells one for $34.95, you can also score a cheaper one over at Amazon for $22.99.

USB C flash drive

As were CDs and DVDs before them, flash drives are an important part of the technological world as they offer a quick and painless way in which people can store anything they want and transport it with the utmost ease. However, the implementation of USB C ports on the MacBook Pro 2016 means that regular USB flash drives won’t be compatible. So if you want to have the means to get your files across, you can get a USB C flash drive. SanDisk is offering them in various sizes and for various prices, capping at 128 GB for $46.36. These USB C flash drives also come with regular USB compatibility.

Grid-It Organizer

The Grid-It Organzier is the perfect accessory for a device such as the MacBook Pro 2016 given all the adapters and cables that are required for maximum efficiency. This accessory comes with a ton of loops that can be used to keep cables organized and in place. You can get one of your preferred shape, size and color for only $16.62 from Amazon.

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