Top Windows 10 Mobile Features on Android – What’s There To Know?

windows 10 mobile

If we were to be honest, Microsoft has failed over and over to bring up features and updates to keep it in line with the developments iOS and Android had. Of course, there is still hope that this would be a great alternative for Android, but for now people are still expecting a change. However, it still offers some great feature in parallel to the Android versions:

  • Personal assistant. Cortana is the name of the personal assistant offered by Microsoft, but you can also download it and use it on Android phones. However, this option would be more limited than the Windows version. That’s why a better equivalent would be the recently released Google Allo app.
  • Maps. Microsoft is kind of lagging behind when it comes to offering a Maps option. Before buying Nokia, they had a really useful tool, namely the HERE Maps function which was brought with the Bing Maps in the Windows Phone devices, versions 7 to 8.1. Ever since then though, they kind of let this part go. This ancient version was transformed in HERE WeGo, the Nokia mapping app, and it is worth to have a look at it. However, it doesn’t equal Google Maps and all the features it brings.
  • Live Tiles. Here we all have to agree that the Live Tiles look really good and the Start screen in Windows 10 Mobile is very practical. However, there is no Android launcher that can recreate this experience, or at least not without making you sacrifice something else. If you still want to have the Live Tiles, check out the Win 10 Launcher, but the worst part is that it may play some audio ads without any warning.
  • Continuum. Perhaps the best thing Windows 10 Mobile can offer to its users is the unifying experience they are improving. This feature is called Continuum and it aims to make your experience more fluid across several devices such as the phone or the PC. This translates to the fact that developers won’t need to make many changes to existing apps in order to make apps compatible to mobile or desktop platforms. Moreover, you can dock the device with any screen, so you can carry your PC with you anywhere.

On this subject, neither Google, nor Apple have anything to compensate for. Rumor has it that Google is currently working on the Andromeda project, which should bring Android and Chrome together, but for now we don’t have any official information on this. Even so, there are some alternatives that can ease your work across devices:

  • Use the cloud servies. These are an easy way to access the same files from several devices.
  • Choose hybrid products. Look up Remix OS by Jide instead of the desktop. It might look ugly, but it’s a compromise solution.

Dual-boot option. Try the Maru OS, which is for now only available for Nexus 5. It offers dual OS options in one package.

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