What is Evernote and Do You Need It?


Evernote is not just another app in the crowd, and many users agree with this. It’s a great tool available basically on every platform, from computer, tablet, smartphone etc. Many people like it because it can work as a to-do list, a notetaker, a PDA, notebook and many others. The main advantage of this app is that it can sync on all your devices and operating systems, so you’ll never lose an idea, a phone number or some information you needed to write down quickly. However, though its idea is pretty simple, not many people know how to use it to the fullest, so here you have top 5 ways you can take advantage of Evernote!

  1. Use it to write down gift ideas

    Maybe it’s April and a random idea crosses your mind for your loved one’s gift. Why let it go away? Jot it down quick and you’ll save up on the time and the stress around the holidays. Moreover, you have time to look for that particular gift, and you can even make a list of your own needs and wishes for friends and family.

  2. Save articles and other things to read later

    The Evernote web clipper is a great tool that lets you save links and articles you stumble upon online but don’t have the time to do it right then. With just the tap of one button the link will be saved to Evernote and you can read it anywhere, since you won’t need an Internet connection to access it after you saved it.

  3. Master dishes list

    This is one of the most useful ways in which you can take advantage of Evernote: make a list with all the meals you’ve enjoyed. If you plan all the meals on one week ahead, you will need to keep track of the dishes you like most, what ingredients you need for them, what ingredients you already have in your home and so on.

  4. Keep useful number handy

    There are some phone numbers we know we might need, but don’t want to save them in our contacts list. You can save them up in Evernote, and you will sure find numbers of representatives from companies, insurances, sales and other things you need without too much effort.

  5. Vacation itineraries

    Of course, there are lots of other useful apps that help you up with vacations, such as the Kayak app, for instance. However, if you are using Evernote for other things, it’s much more practical to keep it all together. With it you can make notes, store your reservations, make notes and comments about the trip, remember restaurants and good places to see and so on. Moreover, you can even keep your travel journey or write down ideas for what to bring back to your family when you come back.

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