Which is Better, Evernote or Google Keep?

evernote vs google keep

In this fast-paced world, almost everybody needs a note-taking app that is fast to access and easy to use. Though there are lots of apps available on the market now, two of them have had great success among users: Evernote and Google Keep. Since it seems that the final battle is taking place between these two, it is useful to see what features each of them offers.

One main difference between the two of them is the fact that Evernote is more suitable for taking notes on the long run, while Google Keep is focused mainly on jotting down ideas, phone numbers, names and others on the spot. Moreover, you need to access a browser if you want to have access to the notes you took in Keep on the smartphone, while Evernote is a complete application.

For those who need to take notes in a more professional manner, Evernote is the best choice. It allows them to manually create a new note and to incorporate a browser extension which is useful for saving URLs, clips, webpages or photos straight into the Evernote app. Moreover, it gives the options of saving the webpages needed as simple ones, by removing the sidebar, the header and the advertisements, or as complete ones.

Moreover, Evernote is compatible with an entire series of add-ons and apps that make it even more useful. For instance, there is a different extension that can be installed in the browser which allows the user to make more notes on the notes, to make highlights and to draw. It is called Skitch and many people love it for the drawing possibility, though apparently the drawings are not in such good quality.

Evernote is in fact a very reliable app when it comes to taking notes and it’s available almost on any platform. You can easy search for the notes, tag them and the navigation inside the app is straightforward. However, it is quite a big app and it takes up lots of space.

Meanwhile, Google Keep is also preferred by a consistent share of the users of this type of apps. This one relies on a minimalistic design which only lets you save text and images. As previously mentioned, you can only access the notes in Keep through a browser on the PC, which is clearly a disadvantage, but not a big one since many people are probably already using a browser.

It is tied to the Gmail account, which is why the user needs to be logged in when accessing the notes. It shows rectangular shapes in various colors where you can jot down your notes as texts, or save images or create lists with bullets. Keep also lets people tag their own notes so that they will be easier to find, but this process is not as smooth as the one in Evernote.

One of its main advantages is the fact that it synchronizes in real time all over the platforms and you can virtually take notes instantly, from the moment you open the app until you write it down. However, it’s not good for taking notes on the long run, so many people actually use both of the apps to cater to all their needs.

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