Which Social Media Platforms Should I Be Using?

social media platforms

Nowadays, we can all agree that social media has become an important part of our lives. However, if as an individual it doesn’t matter too much which social network are you using and to what purposes, for business it is a whole different thing. Social media marketing has become one of the most important instruments, essential for the success of a business, in the most recent years. But let’s see which are the most important social platforms you should use.

  • Facebook



    Obviously taking the first place, the most popular social media platform has more than 1.3 billion users, which is heaven for an entrepreneur and his business. Not to mention that it’s daily used, so you can reach all these people with your marketing.

  • Twitter



    A regular Twitter user has around 208 followers and posts 307 average tweets, spending around 170 minutes on the platform every day. This represents a huge potential for a business, since according to one study, users feel more connected to a brand or business after they follow them on Facebook.

  • LinkedIn



    Another successful platform where you should totally create an account for your business, since it has 270 million users. It’s more professional rather than personal, and it’s perfect for B2B marketing, instead of B2C one.

  • Google+

    google plus

    Google plus

    Though in the beginning it wasn’t so popular, Google+ has caught up in the game with the giant social platforms through its collaboration with Hangouts. Since it belongs to Google, you have to think about the benefits you’ll have associating your business with this company, namely you will take advantage of its extremely important algorithm.

  • Pinterest



    Though it’s not as important as the first four options, it is still a good idea to be present on Pinterest as a business. This year, it has gained more popularity than the email services. Moreover, it has the biggest revenue per click, in comparison with other social sharing platforms.

  • Instagram



    Instagram is another powerful tool that helps you promote a brand or a business. Liking and commenting on photos can help you reach your customers and your target much faster. This is based mostly on videos and photos, and we all know that visual content is vital in social media.

  • YouTube



    It’s the second largest search engine in the world, and this title alone should be enough to convince you to create an account here. Only in the US, YouTube is watched by more adults than any other cable network there. Any brand or business can post videos there and thus attract users and customers. The best part is that this doesn’t cost and it doesn’t have to be pretentious. Filming your employees or sharing internal jokes will create a loyal followers base and thus maintain your popularity.

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