Why You Should Choose Twitter Over Facebook

facebook vs twitter

The world has definitely changed drastically with the introduction of social media. As you may have noticed, social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are not limited to being used for keeping in touch with loved ones, people that you’ve just met or companies. They can also be used to express ideas, beliefs and principles and more importantly, they can also be used to make your brand known.

Nothing travels faster than information on social media and if want to make your brand known, you need to work this environment too. There are two more important platforms that can help you immensely but they also differ very much. We’re referring to Twitter or Facebook and they can both be valuable tools that could draw clients to you. Naturally, your first thought would be that both can be used at the same time, but chances are you will end up using one of them primarily and forgetting all about the other one.

It’s also quite possible that you will choose Facebook as the main means of promoting your brand because of its mainstream appeal, but there are so many aspects of Twitter that you might not know that could perhaps turn out to be more helpful to you.

Brand performance analysis tools

To begin with, Twitter, as opposed to Facebook, offers a lot of tools that can help you analyze your brand performance and most of them are for free. Not that the other ones are very expensive. Some of these useful tools are Topsy which will find your target audience and see how they engage in conversations and their favorite topics, TweetAdder which will automatically find you quality twitter followers or Buffer which can be set to post tweets at a certain time of day or whenever it deems it appropriate for your brand.

Easier to use than Facebook

At a first glance, Twitter will seem like it’s too complicated, but it’s actually quite simple to use once you get used to it. And when you get all of the aforementioned tools to help you, you’ll notice that most of the things that you could otherwise really work hard on in terms of target audience tracking can be done automatically by Twitter. Furthermore, it makes it easier to get your posts or content viral than on Facebook. As you may have noticed, Facebook has its privacy limits, but everything that is on Twitter is for the whole world to see.

Targeted communication is very helpful

If you’ve used Twitter at any point for whatever reason, you may have noticed that you can only post 140 characters max at once. This may appear as an undesirable limitation, but it’s actually very good for business. Targeted communication is exactly what companies practice and need and the limit forces them to make their message very clear and very easily read.

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