Do You Know Windows 10 Is Spying on Your Data? Stop It Now!

windows 10 spying

Microsoft has released the latest version of their operating system, Windows. The latest Windows version, Windows 10, comes with an array of new features and options that try to give it a fresh spin, while also hanging on to the elements that made the operating system popular in the first place.

Privacy issues blunt Windows 10’s rise to success

So far so good, but things get a little more complex when we add privacy into the discussion. Recent controversies have been sparks when allegations came to fruition regarding Microsoft and their privacy policies. There is a large part of the community that believes Windows 10 is using the way its privacy is structured to spy on people and retrieves their personal information against their will. Whether or not these accusations are true, one thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that Windows has some shady default privacy settings.

Fear not, third party apps to the rescue

Windows 10 users that are legitimately concern with their personal information integrity can opt for an easy to use solution that guarantees Windows 10 users will no longer have reason to fear privacy invasion. The solution in question comes in the form of some very easy to install and use third party apps that give users the ability to control and change different privacy related settings on their Windows 10 operating PC. These apps let you change settings that normally would be harder to change, and all the changes you make can be easily reverted at the user’s will.

The software that makes it happen

The rest of this article will be focused on the top apps that deal with privacy settings. Some, if not most of them, have been created for the sole purpose of messing up Microsoft’s evil plans of robbing users of their privacy, as some of their names will suggest.

Destroy Windows 10 Spying

This simple little app lets the user modify all the privacy variables from one clean, simple to use interface, rather than having to use the settings provided by Windows.

DoNotSpy 10

This app’s focus rests with tracking functions that come with Windows 10. Now, with the help of this app, you can disable those functions and many others in an easy and efficient manner.

Windows 10 Privacy and Shit

This app is a bit less straight forward to use than the rest, because it requires the usages of batch files. However, than being said, it isn’t complicated to use either. For this application to work, users must download a batch file and copy all the information into a new one. Once that’s done, users can run the app in order to receive privacy options for different operations such as uninstalling certain services like OneDrive, blocking the Telemetry functions and also disabling the data logs.

Windows 10 Privacy Fixer

This app is a little more complex in comparison to the other ones, when it comes to available settings. Windows 10 Privacy Fixer offers a large list of changeable settings that users can tweak, all across a slightly more complex interface.

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